Our Story

Green Leaf Cures, LLC (GLC) is a minority-women and resident-owned, medical marijuana company that will be based in Washington, D.C. Once approved to be a registered dispensary in Ward 8 of D.C. GLC will provide medical marijuana to registered customers who are in need of natural and herbal therapy. GLC will be the first dispensary on the east side of the Anacostia River.

Why We Care

GLC is dedicated to creating products that service the DC medical marijuana program through Initiative 71 and the Department of Health. We will provide safe and natural alternative therapy for ailments and medical conditions created from the marijuana plant base to help patients seeking new strategies for existing and new conditions.

Mission + Vision

It is our mission at GLC to provide the District of Columbia’s registered patients safe access to scientifically screened, consistent, medical-grade marijuana, and comprehensive, individualized patient counseling services - within strict compliance of the District of Columbia’s Medical Marijuana Regulations.

We are committed to ensuring that every patient who enters our center will experience a feeling of community, belonging and wellness. Our success in fulfilling our vision is measured by quantitatively assessed patient satisfaction, team member excellence and happiness, the revitalization of our surrounding neighborhood, return on capital investment, and community support.

Meet the Team


Marlena McWilliams

Founder & CEO

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Marlena McWilliams guides the direction and vision of the company. She leads business expansion efforts and manages finances of GLC.


Taneshia Straughter


Chief Legal Officer (CLO), Taneshia Straughter oversees and manages the legal affairs, legal risks, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance of GLC.