How to Apply for your Medical Marijuana Card In DC

Should you need assistance in obtaining your medical marijuana card, GLC is more than happy to help. Please see the list below and refer to DOH checklist as well.

Visit A Physician

In DC you can get a medical marijuana care for a variety of ailments. Make an appointment with a physician so that you can receive a referral. 

Submit Your Application

Submit a patient application that includes the following: 1Applicant SSN
2. Recent Passport Photos x2
3. Copy DC Driver License x1
4. Proof of Residency
5. Signed and dated physician recommendation for use of medical marijuana
6. The patient will identify the dispensary where they receive medical marijuana
7. Designation of individual who will serve as caregiver if applicable
8. Application fee of $100

The DC Department of Health charges a $100 fee ($25 for low income). If you give us your documents, we will organize them, cover your application fee and submit the application for you.

Get Your Card

After you (or GLC) has submitted your application, you will receive your medical marijuana card by mail in a few weeks.

Purchase Your Marijuana

Once you have your medical marijuana card you can make your purchase! GLC will offer edibles, vapes, tinctures, and more in a legal, safe and private environment.